New Arrivals at the Compound

After you have been settled in the compound for several months, another group of survivors is spotted outside the fences that surround the compound. There are about ten of them, and they appear to be in need of food, water, and medical attention.

They approach the fence and request to join you inside the compound.

You still have supplies for the short-term in the food store and your cultivation of future food supplies is going well.


What do you do? You may use the following suggestions to help your discussion.

We own this place now. There is no room for other people.

Our food isn’t yet guaranteed for the long-term.

They have as much right to come in as we did.

Provided they have skills to offer the community, they can come in.

We have a limited supply of medicine. We can only take the healthy newcomers.

If they are young enough and healthy enough to work, we can take them.

Their need is greater than ours.

They could be dangerous.

Our society is already established. Newcomers will only cause problems.

We still have space, but they’ll have to stay in the bunker.

Even if it makes our lives harder, we have a duty to help fellow humans in need.

We have the right to defend our property against outsiders.

New members will only improve our society, with their different experiences and culture.

What are the skills we really need that they could bring?


You may wish to choose one of the following options.

Let them all in, and allow them full membership of the community.
Let them all in, provided they confine themselves to the underground bunker.
Let them all in, providing they undertake the unpopular jobs.
Let in those who can contribute necessary skills to your society.
Let in those who can contribute necessary skills to your society, along with their immediate dependents, regardless of the dependents’ age or health.
Let in those who are in urgent need of food or medical help, but leave the strongest to continue on their journey.
Let in those who are healthy and under a certain age.
Refuse entry to them all, but provide them with resources to continue on their journey.
Refuse entry to them all, using force if necessary.

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