Models of Leadership

There is a large reception room in the main house on the compound, where all the survivors gather, knowing there are decisions to be made. It is suggested that a leader for the group is required.


Do you agree that a leader is required to create a good society? What other considerations might you include in selecting a leader or leadership committee?

You may wish to consider the following contributions in your discussion.

Do we need to have a leader?

Would a committee not be better?

We should vote for a committee then it should choose its leader.

Those chosen have to serve, whether they want to or not.

We should elect a leader in a vote.

There aren’t many of us. We can just make decisions all together.

Candidates should tell us why they would make a good leader before we vote.

We should pick leaders by lot.

Under 16s shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Why don’t we all just get on and live our lives. We don’t need anyone to tell us what to do!

What would a leader be able to do?

What if we change our minds about who should be the leader?

Everybody should be allowed to vote on our leaders.

Anyone who wants to be on the leadership committee can be.

Is there any reward for being the leader?

We should list our five preferred leaders, and the one who gets listed most wins.

We should use a show of hands to elect our preferred leader, one vote per person.

We need a secret ballot.

Everybody has to vote. No one can abstain.

What are the advantages of democracy?

You may wish to watch this short video to consider where democracy comes from, how it might be done better, and what its alternatives are.

What do you want democracy to look like in your society?

How to agree the next step?

As a group, you should come to an agreement as to the next step. You will need to decide whether you need:

  • a unanimous agreement
  • agreement of a majority over a certain percentage, eg. 80% in agreement
  • agreement of a simple majority.

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