Distribution of Labour

For the society to continue to function, there are jobs that will need to be done within the compound and the community. Beyond this, other jobs may be preferable for society to flourish.


Make a list of the jobs and tasks you think will be required for society to function. Are there others that would make it flourish? Compare your list with the suggestions below.

If time is short, skip straight to the generated list of possibilities. Do you agree? Which, if any of these, is essential? Who is responsible for making sure these things are done, if anyone?

List of Jobs and Tasks


How would you make sure that the jobs you have identified as essential are done? What responsibilities do members of the community have to making sure that society functions and, indeed, flourishes?

You may wish to consider the following suggestions.

Everyone should be rota-ed to do the fundamental tasks, regardless of skill-set.

Anyone who has medical training should be exempt from other tasks in order to run the medical bay.

I’m not doing menial labour and you can’t make me!

Under 16s shouldn’t have to work.

Looking after my children is a full-time job.

All children should be raised together, to free up parents for labour.

There’s no need to allocate jobs: as they need doing, someone will do them.

Some of these jobs are unpleasant: people should be better rewarded if they agree to do them.

People in leadership positions shouldn’t have to work at anything else: they have enough responsibility.

Anyone who doesn’t work shouldn’t have access to the food store.

No one should be made to do anything for the community if they don’t want to. Their only responsibility is to themselves, their own spaces, and their families.

I’ll only help other members of the community if I get something from them in return.

Leaders should lead from the front, taking on the most necessary jobs.

I can contribute to the culture and entertainment: that’s a job!

Some skills are lacking and need to be learned from the library etc. Studying these is a job in itself.

Just because I had the skills before, doesn’t mean I should be made to use them now if I don’t want to.

Children and the elderly have to work, too.


Look at the skill-set among the characters in the community. You may also feel you should consider their dependents.

  • Are there any individuals you feel should be doing certain jobs?
  • How might you incentivize them to do these jobs?
  • How can you make distribution of labour fair?
  • Should you, as a committee, even be making these decisions, or must you leave individuals to make up their own minds?
  • Is there any extra reward for doing certain jobs, and if so, which ones?

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