Distributing Housing

Explore the available space in the compound using the hotspots on the plan below.

Lesson Aims

For the purposes of the lesson, your discussion group is now the Leadership Committee for your society. You should keep playing the characters you were in the last lesson, or select new ones.

Use the character cards to remind yourselves of the members of your society, as well as their relationships and dependents.

Your task is to decide how housing should be distributed among them.


How will you decide who gets which bedroom? You may wish to consider the following points.

  • What is a fair way of making the decision:
    • allocation by leadership committee?
    • priority given to committee members?
    • lottery?
    • first-come, first-served?
    • allocation according to job? (we’ll come on to jobs in a future lesson)
  • What about couples? What about children? What about the elderly or disabled? What about room shares?
  • The available space includes the underground bunker, which has plenty of beds, but no natural light and minimal amenities. Are these bedrooms suitable to be included among the bedrooms you are allocating? Who might cope best in this environment?
  • What priorities arise around housing following your discussion? Is suitable housing a right?
  • What changes might you make to the compound, considering the use of shared spaces and the possibility of new buildings, to make it more suitable for the community? How high a priority do you consider these developments to be?


Whether at random (like a lottery) or with a strategy based on your discussion above, have a go at assigning people to rooms. What issues arise?

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