Developing a Bill of Rights

With the long-term establishment of your community, and its beginning to grow, it is suggested that a written constitution would secure the basic democratic structure and values of the society for the future. In particular, there is a desire to codify a Bill of Rights for citizens of the society.

Step 1

The UK has an uncodified constitution (that is to say, there is no single document entitled ‘the constitution’), and there is controversy at present over the move from the Human Rights Act towards a new Bill of Rights. The US, however, has a famously rigorous constitution. Do you feel that your society needs either of these?

Step 2

  • What rights would you enshrine in a written constitution or bill of rights?
  • What responsibilities would you place upon the governing body in a constitution?
  • What responsibilities would you place upon citizens?

Step 3

This may also be a good time to revisit (in particular) Scenarios 1 and 6, and consider how the structures decided upon there might be codified in a written constitution.

Step 4

  • How will you ratify your constitution? A majority vote? A majority vote over a certain percentage?
  • How might changes to the constitution be effected in the future, if required?

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