Creating a Safe Society

Members of the community begin to have concerns that there is a risk of thefts from the food store and within houses.


How might you act to prevent this? Is it the responsibility of the leadership/society as a whole to set up a police force? Or should individuals deal with this, each protecting themselves and their own property?

If you decide to set up some form of police, how will you decide who does this job? To whom will they be responsible? What will the extent of their remit be? What will they be permitted to do in order to prevent crime? How will you keep the police accountable for their actions?

Crisis 1

Members of the community claim that the police are using their powers for their own profit. What would you do to prevent corruption developing?

Crisis 2

One member of the community is discovered to own a gun, the only one in the compound. What, if anything, do you think should be done about this?

Crisis 3

With crime on the rise, someone proposes putting CCTV cameras throughout the compound. Do you agree? What would you consider an acceptable amount of surveillance, if any?

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