Being Society is a free web-based toolkit for the delivery of accessible political philosophy and ideas to young people aged 13-18, for schools-based delivery in particular. It is flexible and suitable for use as a part of Politics, Philosophy, Citizenship, or PSHE curricula, or in a co-curricular setting.

At its heart is a simulation game in which players work in groups to decide the best way to create a society, exploring aspects such as: leadership; distribution of property; division of labour; policing and justice.

This is supported by further resources in video, audio, and essay formats to allow for more advanced study, as well as teaching materials for linking theory with contemporary political, social, and economic issues.

  • Being Society: A Simulation Game is first and foremost a web-based exercise. It is designed for the classroom, to be played in discussion groups of around 10 people, with at least one device between them. If teachers prefer to use paper copies, please email us to receive your free printable pack.
  • Dystopian Fiction Has Been Moved to Current Affairs, a fortnightly podcast complementing Being Society, is available on all major podcast services.
  • Check back soon for our supporting resources.